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Individualised dosing of Non-invasive Ventilation for Motor Neurone Disease (3TLA Trial)

What does NIV do?

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is a treatment that uses positive pressure delivered via a face mask or mouthpiece to assist a person to breathe. It can be used as a long-term treatment for people whose breathing is failing - often due to chronic conditions that produce weakness of the respiratory muscles such as in MND/ALS. Most people with MND/ALS use NIV at night initially. Even though NIV may improve survival and function, many are unable to use it for more than 4 hours per day (which is considered a minimum amount of use in order to gain a benefit) and many others are unable to tolerate it at all.

3TLA Trial

This research team has recently provided evidence that specific and individualised optimisation of NIV leads to better outcomes in people with MND. The previous trial determined that the use of a sleep study (also called 'polysomnography' or 'PSG') can improve the way people are initially set up with NIV. This study will replicate and extend the initial study in a larger randomised controlled trial (RCT) across multiple sites. This will also include a 12-month follow-up period to evaluate longer-term outcomes.

How can I take part in this trial?

Trial sites and are eligibility criteria are listed below. In order to take part in a clinical trial, you should first speak to your neurologist or MND Clinic.  

After an initial NIV set-up and an acclimatisation period (3 weeks), participants will undergo single night in-laboratory sleep study. This will be performed and supervised by a sleep scientist and the results will be used to adjust NIV settings to optimize ventilation for the specific patient. Participants will be asked to continue to use NIV as prescribed for the 7 weeks.

The participants allocated to the control group will also be asked to attend a single night in-laboratory sleep study. The NIV settings will not be adjusted throughout the PSG ("sham" PSG). Participants in the control group will retain their original settings after the sham PSG, and will be asked to continue to use NIV in this manner for the subsequent 7-week intervention period.

Eligibility criteria

  • Age >18 years
  • Clinical indication to commence long term NIV
  • Confirmed clinical diagnosis of underlying condition
VICAustin HospitalKayla Bruzzese
03 9496 3688
NSWRoyal Prince Alfred HospitalDr. Collette Menadue
02 9515 8708

A/Prof Amanda Piper
02 9515 8708

Westmead HospitalDr Peter Wu
02 8890 7286

Trial Coordinator/Physiotherapist
Lesley Howard
02 8890 6042

Macquarie University Hospital Richard Gan
02 9812 3739
SAFlinders Medical CentreMND Nurse Practitioner
Leanne Davis

Trial Coordinator
Asha Kepatas
08 8404 2203

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Cam Harvey
08 6457 2822
QLDThe Prince Charles HospitalDr. Irene Szollosi

Trent Segal
07 3139 6175

Principal Investigator for 3TLA Trial:
Professor David Berlowitz
03 9496 3871

Trial Manager for 3TLA Trial:
Dr. Yasmin Ahamed

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