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MND Research Australia collects donations that fund research into motor neurone disease across Australia. All donations, big or small, are vital to keep this research going. To donate to MNDRA, please click the 'donate' button at the top of the page. Here you will find information about donating online, and about becoming a monthly supporter of MND research.

Fundraising events

Fundraisers are a wonderful way to get people together and raise funds for MND research. If you would like to hold an event and raise money for MNDRA, please see our MNDRA fundraising brochure, or get in touch at


A gift in your Will has the power to change the future of motor neurone disease. Each day in Australia, two people die from MND and two more are diagnosed.

Research has accelerated our understanding of MND in the last 10 years. Motor Neurone Disease Research Australia has played an important role in building and sustaining MND research in Australia. Australian researchers are pushing the boundaries to find innovative ways to treat MND. Many advances have been made possible thanks to the community's generosity.

MND Research Australia is totally committed to its vision of a world without MND. If you share this vision, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to MND Research Australia and help us work towards a cure for MND. 

A gift in your Will is a simple and effective way to provide support to a cause important to you, and to enable change for future generations. Gifts are critical to ensuring that MND Research Australia can commit to the continuity of funding needed for significant breakthroughs.

A valid Will allows you to decide how you would like your assets to be distributed. You should seek legal advice from a solicitor or authorised trustee company because it is important your wishes are properly expressed, and that the correct legal wording is used.

For a bequest to Motor Neurone Disease Research Australia, you might consider the following wording in your will:

"I give (my estate) or (portion/the residue of my estate) or (the sum of $________ ) to Motor Neurone Disease Research Australia Inc. (ABN 46 789 710 580) for research into motor neurone disease.  I declare that the receipt of the Institute’s President, Treasurer, Secretary or Executive Director shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees."

And remember, you do not have to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will because every dollar has the power to change the future of MND. People leave gifts of all sizes. You can be sure that when combined with those of other supporters, your gift will always have an impact, regardless of size. Larger gifts ($50,000 or more) can acknowledge the testator with a named MND research grant as a tribute.

If you have decided to leave a gift to MND Research Australia in your Will, please let us know so we can show our appreciation and keep you updated on the latest MND research findings. Please contact Motor Neurone Disease Research Australia on 02 8287 4989 or via email for information about leaving a gift in your Will.