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What does Trimetazidine (Metflex) do?

About half of all patients with ALS experience a change in their energy use that causes their body to consume more energy. This process is known as hypermetabolism. Hypermetabolism accelerates the spreading of ALS throughout the body. Previous studies have shown that hypermetabolism is linked to an increased risk of death and a faster rate of progression in people with ALS. Trimetazidine is thought to be able to slow down the hypermetabolism experienced in ALS patients.

How can I take part in this trial?

The primary goal of the Phase 2 study was to assess the safety and tolerability of Trimetazidine in patients with ALS. Secondary to this, the study examined whether Trimetazidine can reduce hypermetabolism in patients with ALS. The data from Phase 2a of this study is currently being analysed and no results have yet been released.  

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