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What is the MetFlex Trial?

Metflex: Targeting Metabolic Flexibility in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) (MetFlex)

About half of all patients with ALS experience a change in their energy use that causes their body to consume more energy, which accelerates the spreading of ALS throughout the body. We have previously shown that this change in energy use, called hypermetabolism, is clinically important as it is linked to an increased risk of death and faster rate of progression in people with ALS.

The MetFlex trial will be conducted in a controlled setting across three hospitals, with a trial site in Brisbane, Australia. Our primary goal is to assess the safety and tolerability of Trimetazidine in patients with ALS. Second to this, we will explore if Trimetazidine can reduce hypermetabolism in patients with ALS. This open-label trial (no placebo) is open to patients with familial or sporadic ALS. Enrolment into the trial is dependent on participants meeting inclusion criteria.

Trial sites:

  • Brisbane (Australia)
  • Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • London (United Kingdom)


Dr Shyuan Ngo (University of Queensland), A/Prof Robert Henderson (University of Queensland), Prof Leonard van den Berg, Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi, Dr Frederik Steyn (University of Queensland), Dr Ruben van Eijk

How far off is a treatment?

This research will determine if trimetazidine is safe and tolerable in MND. Analysis of data from the trial will give researchers a clearer picture on whether trimetazidine should be tested in larger studies to further investigate its potential.

More information from the team at the University of Queensland here.

Official trial information available here