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Lighthouse Project (Triumeq)

What does Triumeq do?

Triumeq appears to be safe and well tolerated in patients with MND. It is currently used safely to treat people with HIV, which is a virus known as a retrovirus. Retroviruses are ancient viruses that have left their genetic material in our DNA during the process of human evolution. In some people, this old genetic material may become activated and play a role in the development of MND.

Lighthouse II

Results from earlier trials of Triumeq indicate that it may have a a positive effect on both clinical measurement and survival of people with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which is the most common form of MND. 

However, this was only a small study and the much larger international phase 3 Lighthouse II will determine if Triumeq improves both survival and clinical progression. Lighthouse II is a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. This means that trial participants will be randomly assigned to receive either Triumeq or a placebo. A placebo drug contains no active ingredients. 

How can I take part in this trial?

Trial sites and eligibility criteria are listed below. In order to take part in a clinical trial, you should first speak to your neurologist or MND Clinic. Triumeq is a single once-daily tablet that can taken either whole or crushed. 

Eligibility criteria 

  1. Sporadic ALS diagnosed as probable, laboratory-supported probable or definite according to the Gold Coast criteria
  2. Diagnosis <24 months from date of enrolment
  3. Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) of at least 60% on baseline
  4. Exclusion criteria:
    • dependence on mechanical ventilation at the time of screening
    • gastrostomy at the time of screening
    • absence of upper motor neuron signs
NSWThe University of Sydney Brain and Mind CentreProfessor Matthew Kiernan
02 9114 4250  

Macquarie Health NeurologyProfessor Dominic Rowe
02 9812 3720  
QLDSunshine Coast University HospitalAntony Winkel
07 5202 0000

Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalRobert Henderson
07 3646 8111  
VICCalvary Health Care BethlehemSarah Lee
03 9596 2853  
SAFlinders Medical CentreDavid Schultz
08 8204 4187  
TASLaunceston General HospitalLauren Giles
03 6777 6001  
WAThe Perron Institute NedlandsMerrilee Needham
08 6457 0209

Want to know more?

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For outcomes from earlier trials of Triumeq you can read a 2019 publication titled Safety and tolerability of Triumeq in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: the Lighthouse trial