MND Australia

ALS-205 (PMX205)

What does ALS-205 do?

Inflammation is the body's response to injury or trauma in the body. Inflammation has been measured in the brain of people with MND and found to be increased when compared to healthy patients. This is known as neuroinflammation. Researchers have identified a molecule, called C5aR, that is involved in neuroinflammation. C5aR has found to be increased in the bloodstream of people with motor neurone disease. Several years ago a drug called ALS-205 (PMX205) was developed at the University of Queensland that blocks C5aR. So far, studies have shown that this drug seems to be safe to use in MND patients and that the drug slows down the disease in animals. 

How can I take part in this trial?

The results from Phase 1 of this trial are still being analysed. A follow-up Phase 1b trial will primarily focus on continuing to evaluate the safety and tolerability of a the drug in patients with ALS. It will also examine how the body responds to the drug and determine the extent to which the drug is able to enter the brain tissue in those with ALS. At this stage there is no immediate information available on when the Phase 1b trial will commence. 

Want to know more? 

For more information visit the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry.