MND Australia

Fundraising and events

MND Australia, MND Research Australia and the state MND Associations hold a number of events throughout the year, to raise awareness of MND, build skills and knowledge regarding best-practice MND care, and developments in MND research, as well as fundraising to ensure the sustainability of the MND Associations.

Two key events hosted by MND Australia, include a series of online research webinars called State of Play, and a biennial national MND Conference, which focuses on innovations in best-practice care for people living with MND.

MND Australia does not currently hold community fundraising events, however, we encourage people to organise their own fundraising events to support the work of MND Australia and MND Research Australia to fund research into treatments for MND. 

You might like to organise an event with a group of people, such as a walk, challenge or concert; or take part in an organised event like the City2Surf, or simply fundraise in memory of someone who has died from MND. 

Our 'How you can Fundraise' brochure can help guide you in organising your event.

There are a number of online fundraising platforms available which are easy to use and facilitate the collection of donations and transfer of funds raised to MND Australia and MND Research Australia. MND Australia is registered with GoFundMe and MND Research Australia is registered with Gofundraise.

Another great fundraising option is through Facebook Fundraisers. These are easy to set up and many people run a Facebook birthday fundraiser among their friends and family in lieu of gifts.

If you wish to fundraise for us in a more official capacity, and use our logo on promotional material, you'll need to contact us to arrange for an authority to fundraise.

State MND Association events

The state MND associations hold a large number of events each year, primarily focussed on fundraising and community building, such as Walk to D'Feet MND, which is held in most main centres in Australia each year. For more information on state association events, visit your state's MND association website: