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State of Play

We are kicking off  State of Play for 2024 with a look at how tech research can help people living with MND. MND Australia's Dr Ben O'Mara will talk about the 'Game on with MND' project looking at how we can make gaming more accessible for people with MND and Dr Taylor Dick from the University of Queensland will talk about exoskeletons as mobility aids.

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State of Play is a Webinar Series organised by MND Research Australia. The webinars began in 2020 and are open to all members of the MND Community to provide an introduction to the advancements of the research community in Australia. We would love to hear any suggestions regarding topics for future webinars, so if there is an area of MND research that you would like to see covered then please send us an email at

Previous webinars

All State of Plays webinars for 2020-23 are available to watch at any time. The most recent edition is below and all other webinars from 2020-23 are available on our youtube channel.