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MND Info Line 1800 777 175. 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

MND information sessions

You can learn more about what helps after a diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND), how to live with the disease and the latest in related research at MND information events.

Information events are held throughout the year, in person or online and at many different locations across Australia. Events deal with specific topics and are organised by individual MND Associations, for people with MND, their family and friends.

There is usually no charge to attend events. Prior event registration is required through the host MND Association.

Events can feature different formats and approaches, but are often:

  • face-to-face presentations with an audience
  • held virtually with zoom or similar video platforms, and
  • recorded for viewing after the event.

Topics include:

  • an overview of MND
  • how the MND Associations can help with accessing support and services
  • ways of connecting with others living with MND, and
  • managing MND symptoms.

To find out what MND information events are planned in your state or territory, or what recorded sessions are available, speak with your MND advisor or call the MND Info Line on 1800 777 175, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm.

MND Education sessions are for people who have been diagnosed with MND, their family and friends. The sessions are interactive, based on the latest evidence about MND and provide information about services provided by your MND Association.

Services can include things like help with equipment, information resources, ongoing support and linking you with the NDIS and My Aged Care. Events are an opportunity to have some of your questions answered and share experiences in a welcoming and supportive environment.

To learn more about MND education sessions available in your state, contact your local MND association on 1800 777 175.

'Ask the Expert' forums are organised by some of the state MND associations, and usually run over a few hours. The forums are designed for people with MND, their family and friends.

During sessions, experts in MND give presentations on topics such as:

  • clinical trials
  • exploring treatments and the genetics of MND
  • palliative care
  • symptom management and medications, and
  • trends in prevalence of the disease and related topics.

The forums are relaxed and friendly events that provide an opportunity to learn more about MND, ask questions and to meet others living with MND. Of course, it is also a chance to talk with your local MND team.

Forums are usually live steamed or recorded. Recordings of forums are available to those unable to attend in person or online.

To learn more about 'Ask the Expert' sessions available in your state, contact your local MND association on 1800 777 175.

MND Australia holds an annual interactive community research meeting that provides an opportunity to share the latest developments in MND research with people living with MND and their families and loved ones.

The 2019 meeting was held in conjunction with the International ALS/MND Connect meeting in Perth and the 2020 meeting was not held due to COVID-19. 

Some meetings feature experts from around the world, as well as leading researchers at institutes and centres working on MND research projects across Australia. The meeting is held at various locations around Australia and is live streamed for remote participants.

Past meeting recordings are available to watch on the MND Australia YouTube channel.

To learn more about these sessions contact MND Research Australia (MNDRA) on 02 8287 4989 or via email

State of Play is a Webinar Series organised by MND Research Australia. The webinars began in 2020 and are open to all who would like to learn more about MND research within Australia. The free sessions are live events which you can join via the MND Australia Facebook page. The webinars are run at various times throughout the year.

To learn more about and register for upcoming webinars:

  • subscribe to the MND Australia newsletter
  • follow the MND Australia Facebook page
  • contact MND Research Australia (MNDRA) on 02 8287 4989 or 

If you can’t make a live event, recordings are available.  

Living well with MND and similar programs organised by the state MND Associations have been developed for people with MND and their carers.

Program topics include:

  • eating well
  • improving your home environment
  • managing sleep, breathing and breathlessness, and
  • using equipment.

Program participants have an opportunity to share knowledge and discuss topics relevant to living with MND, and learn about a range of strategies to help live well with MND. The events are a great opportunity to discuss MND with a range of health professionals who have special knowledge and understanding of MND. Programs are also a great way to meet others living with MND.

To learn more about MND information sessions available in your state, territory or online contact your local MND association on 1800 777 175.