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MND information sessions

Good health information helps you to better understand MND, talk with your healthcare team and make decisions about your care. One way to learn more about MND is to attend an information event, either online or in person.

Your local MND Association and MND Research Australia hold information events throughout the year. Each event has a different focus, but they all feature MND related topics.

The events are usually free to attend for people with MND, their family and friends. However, you will need to register for the event through the host organisation.

Events are delivered in person at various locations, or online. Some live events are recorded and made available online after the event.

To find out about the MND information events near you, call the MND Info Line on 1800 777 175. You can also ask your MND advisor or support coordinator.

To learn about events hosted by MND Australia and MND Research Australia, you can subscribe to the MND Australia newsletter (a link to sign up is in the page footer). You can also follow MND Australia on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Each state Association offers courses for people with MND and their carers. Program participants can:

  • share knowledge about living with MND
  • learn strategies to manage symptoms
  • discuss MND with a range of speakers who have special knowledge and understanding of MND 
  • meet others living with MND.

These sessions have a variety of names that include:

  • Newly Diagnosed sessions
  • Living Well with MND 
  • You, Me and MND
  • Manual Handling Training for Informal Carers
  • MND Upskill for Carers

MND education sessions are for people who have been diagnosed with MND, carers, and their family and friends. The sessions are interactive and based on the latest evidence about MND. They provide:

  • a variety of information about MND
  • tips on how to care for someone with MND 
  • information about the services your local MND Association offers.

You will also be able to ask questions and share experiences in a welcoming and supportive environment. To learn more about MND education sessions near you, contact your local MND Association on 1800 777 175.

MND Australia and the state MND Associations host a variety of MND education sessions for researchers and health professionals.

National MND Australia Care Conference
This biennial meeting brings together clinicians, researchers and professionals from the health, disability, community and aged care sectors. The conference program covers a spectrum of MND related topics. The meeting is held every two years in a different location within Australia.

MND Aware training modules
Developed by MND NSW, this self-paced, e-learning program is for health and community care professionals. It gives participants a basic understanding of the impact of living with MND.

MND Victoria Health Professionals Webinar Series
A series of webinars with expert presenters about MND care. Suitable for health professionals and service providers.

MND NSW Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshop
This biennial workshop is for health professionals with a special interest in MND. Professionals have the opportunity to share their experience, research and insights into MND and symptom management. For information on the next workshop, contact:

MND Australia hosts an annual interactive community research meeting called MND Connect. The purpose is to share the latest developments in MND research with people living with MND and their families and loved ones.

Some meetings feature experts from around the world, as well as leading researchers working on MND research projects across Australia. The meeting is held at various locations around Australia and is live streamed for remote participants. Past meeting recordings are available to watch on the MND Australia YouTube channel.

To learn more about these sessions contact MND Research Australia on 02 8287 4989 or email

State of Play is a webinar series organised by MND Research Australia. The webinars are open to all who would like to learn more about MND research within Australia and a run throughout the year.

The sessions are free and streamed via the MND Australia Facebook page

To learn more about upcoming webinars:

Recordings of past State of Play webinars are available on the MND Australia YouTube channel.