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20 videos to stream about MND

Australians are passionate about watching video clips, movies, tv shows and other videos online.

According to 2018-19 research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), 83% of Australians watched online video content in the previous 6 months.

While many people watched video from streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Stan, videos about health issues such motor neurone disease (MND) form an important part of online viewing habits in Australia, and throughout the world.

Health videos can be great source of information about dealing with MND. Videos can help explain scientific research into potential treatments for MND, and provide clear instructions for managing symptoms and every day life with the disease. And of course, when the Ice Bucket Challenge swept the world in 2014, the campaign generated more than 17 million videos watched by 440 million people.

The videos helped to raise an enormous amount of money for MND care and research, money that continues to help fund research today.

Now, with so many people streaming video from the internet, when and where they want it, there is a great opportunity to help them find a very diverse and compelling range of videos about MND.

Please note that some of the videos below may contain information about MND that some people may find upsetting.

Curating online videos for MND Australia

Having so many videos online doesn’t come without issues, however. With so much information to sort through, it can be difficult to quickly, and easily, find the health videos you need, including those about MND. Videos may not always be of a high quality, either.

To help make it easier to find some of the best videos about MND, we, the staff at MND Australia, looked at recent videos from past projects, agencies overseas and those shared through social media.

We thought about how well MND videos were:

  • grounded in scientific evidence
  • relevant to living with MND
  • easy to follow
  • appealling to the MND community and the broader public (e.g. had a compassionate tone and feel, were relatable).

What we found were a selection of videos that often highlighted the deeply personal connection so many people feel with MND. Many videos showed strong skills in communicating the scientific understanding of the disease, and updates in research.

We also found video makers were often clever and creative in their approach to raising awareness of MND.

The selection of videos below is not exhaustive and there is a focus on those more recently made. There are still many other great videos about MND available, and of course waiting to be filmed. We’re looking forward to adding to the list over time.

But please scroll down and watch just a few of the amazing video stories and explainers about MND.

Feel free to share with others any of the videos below, or let us know of other videos you feel might fit with our collection and would be good for us to consider.

Facts about MND

What is MND? MND Australia, Australia, 2014 (1 min 51sec)

Understanding MND, MND Association, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 2016 (4 min 36 sec)

Signs and Symptoms of ALS, ALS Association, USA, 2017 (2 min)

Inside ALS: The neurons behind the disease, Nature, 2017 (3 min 27 sec)

How the gut biome affects MND, Queensland Brain Institute, Australia, 2020 (1 min 30 sec)


Living with MND

MND researcher Justin Yerbury’s fight to find a cure, Australian Story, Australia, 2018 (29 min, 29 sec)

Con and Kula's MND story, MND Victoria, Australia, 2019 (4min 24sec)

Living with MND – Kirsten Harley, MND NSW, Australia, (2min 27sec)

Every Kid Adds Up, ALS Association, USA, 2018 (3 min 44 sec)

Research updates

Ask the Experts ALS/MND Connect 2019, MND Australia, Australia, 2019 (2 hrs 28 min)

Video Series from ALS/MND Connect 2018, MND Australia, Australia, 2018 (varied times)

Innovation & ALS Treatments with Dr. Merit Cudkowicz, MD, Everything ALS, 2020 (about 1 hour 15 min)

Dr. Bedlack ALS Reversals with Healing Advocates, Healing Advocates, USA, 2020 (34 min 29 sec)



What is Voice and Message Banking? MND Association, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 2018 (4min 21 sec)

 Project Revoice: Pat hears his voice for the first time, ALS Association, USA, 2019 (1min 59 sec)

Awareness raising

The Fading Symphony with Tim Minchin, MND Australia, Australia, 2015 (1 min 59 sec)

The Ride, MND Association, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 2018 (1min 19sec)

Roy & Terence Taylor - My New Dream (Official Music Video), Ireland, 2020

Staying Alive - Kirsten's brow boogie, Kirsten Harley, Australia, 2020


Ask the Experts – MND Genetics, MND Research in Australia, swallowing exercises and dietary modifications for people living with MND, MND NSW, Australia (about 1hr 30 min)