MND Australia

MND Australia awards $3 million for research commencing in 2023

MND Research Australia is very grateful to our supporters who have continued to fund amazing research via donations to our MND research grants program. On November 7, the MNDRA Research Committee met to allocate the Board approved sum, $2,994,675, across 21 projects: the Daniel McLoone MND Research Prize, two postdoctoral fellowships and 18 Innovator Grants. 

The major grant recipients for 2023 are:

Daniel McLoone MND Research Prize

Dr Catherine Blizzard, University of Tasmania

Bill Gole MND Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Jeremy Lum, University of Wollongong

Beryl Bayley MND Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Alison Hogan, Macquarie University 

Charcot Award

Professor Trent Woodruff, University of Queensland 

The full list of grants awarded in 2023 is available here.