MND Australia

Review of drug approval and reimbursement processes

The federal government is currently undertaking a review of drug approval and reimbursement processes. This review aims to facilitate the capture of consumer and patient perspectives earlier in the health technology assessment (HTA) process to assist the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and other HTA advisory bodies to obtain an understanding of issues arising from new technologies, innovations and the associated implications for consumers. 

One aspect of this review is the consideration of developing an Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process which will provide an extensive well-defined framework within which consumers can provide input into the drug approval process – much more extensive than the current opportunities.

Consumer and patient perspectives are important when determining whether access to a new medicine should be subsidised. This is particularly important if a new medicine is a breakthrough technology that promises to address an otherwise high unmet clinical need.

The development of this framework will be a co-design” process i.e. consumers working side-by-side with the regulators. As part of this, input is being sought on the proposed framework.

MND Australia has submitted their response to this review, and we encourage those affected by MND make their own submission to this process. 

Information about the review is available through the Department of Health and Aged Care, and submissions to the review can be made here