MND Australia

Research meetings & conferences

The MND Australia Research Conference is held annually. Current recipients of MNDRA grants are invited to report on the outcome of their funded project to an audience comprising their peers, MND Research Committee members, other leading MND scientists and researchers and the wider MND community.

The MND Australia Research Conference has been held annually since 2005 and has been integral to the development and funding of MND research in Australia. The conference has been held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to facilitate participation for researchers in different states. With more projects funded each year, the research conference has grown to become an important event in the MND calendar with attendees from all over Australia. 

The objectives of the MND Australia Research Conference are:

•    To promote sharing of expertise amongst MND researchers in Australia

•    To enable interaction of researchers to foster the development of research collaborations

•    To provide feedback to a wide audience about the latest developments in MND research

•    To demonstrate the value of the funded research to donors to encourage their continuing support.

The MND Connect meeting is held on the day following the Research Conference. MND Connect is an interactive community research meeting providing an opportunity to inform people living with MND and their families of research advances.

In 2022, MNDRA is pleased to announce FightMND and MND Research Australia will be jointly hosting the first ever Australian and New Zealand MND Research Symposium. Please visit here for details on this event.